Memo book, 1853-1854


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  • Express to Boston[?]
  • To [?] 60
  • To [?] 50
  • To [?] 42
  • [?] 12[?]
  • [?] 125
  • days 450
  • 9
  • Lodging [?] 20[?]
  • 8.89[?]
  • 204[?]
  • 10.89[?]
Joseph S. Stevens Saco, Me Lewis Nash Saco Me

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Henry A. Chandler Henry A. Chandler Bath Me Julia A. Chandler J. T. G. Nichols, Saco. Me. Thomas Bicknell Hannah S. Bicknell Kingston Mass.

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Received from Peter Still for safe keeping, $355.00 S. J. Nowell. May 9, 1853. James Nowell. The above amount forwarded by request of Mr. Still to Ellis Gray Loring Esq. Boston, May 10, 1853. S. J. Nowell. Syracuse July 26 1853 I have this day given Peter Still a certificate that he has deposited with me two hundred dollars to be paid whenever he sends for the same Samuel J. May.

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Reuben H. Ober No 1 Mc[?] Lean Court Boston Mr Ralph Mitchell Mrs. Clara Mitchell 37 Village St Hartford Conn A. Nauton Middletown, Ct. Office of the Constitution

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Received from Peter Still $30 for safe-keeping John N. Still May 21st 1854

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Richard E Ely New Hope Bucks Co Penna on the railroad take ticket to Lambertville

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N. H. Ryder[?] Roxbury 6 Kenilworth St. T. S. King Boston 12 Burroughs Place H Ballon 2d Medford O. H. Leonard[?], Chelsea. Essex st. near Shurtleff. AP Cleverly[?] Boston Mt Vernon [?] Beacon

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Newburyport Rev Mr Bowen[?] Elden Pike[?] Mr Whiley[?] Portsmouth NH Rev Mr Peabody Wm B. Loud Mr Cheaven Rev Lemuel Willis Sacco Rev G. G. Strickland[?]

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Rev E. Peabody 29 Somerset Street Rev S. K Lorthrop[?] 49 Court Street. Saco J. S. Stevens Ms A M Remond No 9 Dean Street Salem Mass

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C. H. Webster No 43. East Sumner St. East Boston J. G. Adams Malden Ms Henry A. Eaton Medford Ms S. Ellis, No 2, N. Bennett Boston C. R. Moose Newton [Common][?] A Tomphus[?] 38 Cornhill[?] D. G. Tomlinson 8 Briggs Place Boston Mass.

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B. V. Stevenson South Hingham John M Sheer 2/2 Central Court Bertrand Engram[?] Austin Willey[?] Revd Josiah Keely pastor of Bapt Chr Saco - Me

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Rev. D. P. Siverman[?] Weymouth Mass Old Colony Depot. Collected and paid to Peter Still in the City of Lowell $175.00 Attest, Chauncey L. Knapp Collected and paid to Peter Still in the city of Worcester, $175.00 attest, John G. Adams

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In Bath. Maine Peter Still received from the friends of freedom sixty five Dollars In Brunswick Maine - forty five Dollars.- In Portland Maine One hundred Dollars In Saco & Biddeford Maine One hundred Dollars.- In Portsmouth N.H. One hundred Dollars. In Newburyport Mass. sixty five Dollars.- In Salem, Mass One hundred and fifty five Dollars.- In Lynn, Mass. fifty Dollars In New Bedford one hundred Dollars and twenty dollars

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Distance travelled by Peter Still North East of Boston fare free except from Portland to Bath $1.-
  • Boston to Lynn - 9 miles
  • to Salem 5 -"-
  • to Beverly 2 -"-
  • to Newburyport 18 -"-
  • to Portsmouth 20 -"-
  • to Biddeford - 35 -"-
  • to Saco - 2 -"-
  • to Portland 13 -"-
  • to Brunswick 27 -"-
  • to Bath - 9 -"-
  • 140 - miles
The fares when charged are
  • Boston to Portland - - $3.00
  • Portland to Bath --- 1.00
  • 4.00
which would $8. going & returning -but he paid but $1.00.- his whole [expenses] east of Boston was $6.75 the above memo made by Stephen Abbot Chase, Salem, Mass. at the request of Peter Still

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Nancy Thayer Salem Mass 33 Fedral Street collected in Plymouth one hundred dollars and in Kingston 40 Dollars Justus Harlow Collected in Fall River One hundred and eighty Dollars James M. Aldrich Collected in Somerset Twenty Dollars J M Aldrich

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Collected and paid Peter Still in the city of Providence RI $250.00 R H Conklin Providence Nov. 16th 1853 D. B. Harris Collected and paid to Peter Still in the city of New York, from the friends of Freedom, Ten Hundred & Fifty Five Dollars $1055 00/100 Thomas Faulk Collected in Pittsfield, Mass. & paid to Peter Still one hundred & five dollars & 92 cents. Samuel Ham's Pittsfield June 14, 1854

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Collected and paid to Peter Still in the City of New Haven, Conn. Three Hundred Dollars. July 7. 1854. Chas. H.[?] Babcock Hartford Ct. July 31st 1854. Collected by Peter Still in the city of Hartford Three Hundred Dollars Jos. R. Hawley. In the Cars[?] .50 Middletown Aug 14. 1854 Collected in the city of Middletown by Peter Still One Hundred and Twenty six dollars. 89/100 - Lester Lewis

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Aug. 21st Collected by Peter Still in Meriden for the redemption of his family from American Slavery eighty dollars. Harvey[?] Miller R. W. Tompkins Norwich Con't September 29. 1854 Wm J. Hubbard Boston master[?] G [?] Norwich Connst[?]

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Mrs Harriet G. Lee Norwich Connecticut Sept 29 1854 Charles Lee Norwich Connecticut Sept 29th 1854

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Toronto C. W.

Peter Still came to the city of Toronto Oct 13th 1854. Bearing letters of introduction from the Rev Samuel J. May of Syracuse N.Y. to the Rev Dr Willis, T. Henning[?] esq and the Rev J. B. Smith, who gave him a cordial reception, and manifested the deepest interest, and sympathy for him during his brief stay in Toronto. Mr Still stated to his friends here

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that his object in visiting Canada was not for the purpose of asking aid or to make an effort to raise money from among the friends here but for the pleasure of treading upon the "free soil of this part of her Majesty's dominions" of which he had heard so much, and to see how his brethren (the fugitives from slavery) prospered. He is highly gratified with what he saw

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and heard, and his entertainment generally. A few friends here, felt it to be a privilege, and a pleasure to present Mr Still with the small sum of $15. for which he expressed the deepest gratitude. Could he protract his stay a few days, many would have availed themselves of a like privilege & pleasure. Mr Still had the pleasure of visiting the colored Methodist Church on [?] Street the 15th inst A.M. and

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then Pipers[?] (Baptist) in evening. He leaves our city tomorrow morning the 16th oct 8 o'clock. May success attend him. By request. J. B. Smith. Toronto. C.W.

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Harriett A. Mitchell Ralph Mitchell Clara S. Mitchell No 40 Cedar Street Hartford Conn



Memo book, 1853-1854


Memo book kept by Peter Still (and written in by others) that: records sums of from 20 dollars to 1,055 dollars collected, in approximately 20 locations in New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, toward the purchase of Still's enslaved wife and children; notes Still’s visit to Toronto (“for the pleasure of treading upon the ‘free Soil of this part of her Majesty’s Dominions’ of which he had heard so much; and to see how his brethren (the fugitives from Slavery) prospered”; lists the names and addresses of various people for Still to look up or whom he met; notes his limited expenses; and records three receipts for money that Still left on deposit with different persons. The memo book is stitched (bound without covers), with entries recorded from one end and, when flipped over, from the other end as well.


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Still, Peter, b. 1801, “Memo book, 1853-1854,” Peter Still Digital Edition, accessed June 22, 2024,

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