Pickard, Kate E.R., letter, Camillus, [N.Y.], June 3, 1856, to "Uncle Peter" [Peter Still]


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June 3d 1856.

Dear Uncle Peter

The Book is at last out. I saw Mr. Hamilton on Saturday. He had received a few copies by Express, though it is not advertised for sale until the 5th[?] June. It looks very well - the paper is nice and the type clear - indeed the whole looks inviting and interesting. The head of your mother is excellent. If they had only copied the other daguerreotypes as well they would have looked very natural.

Mr Hamilton requested me to write you immediately to ask you to come right on and take an agency to sell the book. He thinks you could sell more than any other one man, and the profit you would make would pay you well. His plan is to have you visit the same places which you visited while collecting money. Few that aided you, even if they gave you but a trifle, would refuse to buy a book if you presented it.

The Book contains 409 pages, and is to sell at $1,25. Mr. May's Introduction is very beautiful. I think all your friends will like it very much.

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Would you like my advice about going out to sell the books? I think if your family can get along comfortably without you it will be the best thing you can do to take the agency as proposed by Mr. Hamilton. He will give you the same profit that he does to other agents, and you know, the more copies are sold, the more our ten per cent will amount to. There is so much excitement at present about Slavery, that many of our friends are glad the publication of the book has been delayed till just this time. I have many things to tell you about it, but I hope to see you soon, so I will leave them.

Please write immediately to let us know whether or not to expect you. The quicker you come on, the better it will be for the book. Be sure to write as soon as you get this, & if you decide to take the agency, come on. Come here first, and I will go with you to Syracuse to see Mr. Hamilton.

Much love to Aunt Vina & your children. I am glad to hear that they are all doing well.

Your true friend

Kate E. R. Pickard



Pickard, Kate E.R., letter, Camillus, [N.Y.], June 3, 1856, to "Uncle Peter" [Peter Still]


Kate Pickard informs Peter Still that the book she has written about his life and family is finally out; describes the physical appearance of a copy of the volume that she recently obtained when she saw the publisher, Mr. Hamilton; conveys a request from Hamilton that Still "take an agency to sell the book" so as to realize a good (i.e., greater) profit from it--which is especially likely if Still retraces the travels that he made when fundraising to free his enslaved family; notes that the book is priced at $1.25 per copy; gives Still advice about whether or not to accept an agency to sell the book; notes that she and Still are receiving ten percent on each book; and entreats him to let her know if he is coming (to New York State) to accept a position as a sales agent for the volume.


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