Boudinot, E.E., letter, Burlington, [N.J.], November 6, 1852


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Nov. 6 1852

Peter Stills (a cohloured man), has lived in my employ for some months past, but have known him for two years. It affords me much pleasure in being able to [recommend] him, as an honest sober, industrious & capable man, perfectly trustworthy & ever willing to make himself generally [useful] either about the house or stable, I part with him reluctantly, he leaves me, to make an effort to redeem his wife & children from slavery

E. E. Boudinot

⟨ The above named Peter Still was in my employ ten months, during which time he fully sustained the character given him by Mr Boudinot. It gives me pleasure to add my name to this recommmendation. Mary A. Buckman ⟩

⟨ Judge Boudinot is one of our principal citizens, & I have entire confidence in his recommendation of Peter Still. Burlington, N.J., Nov. 6/52 Cortlandt Van Rensselaer ⟩

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Judge Boudinot
Mrs. Buckman



Boudinot, E.E., letter, Burlington, [N.J.], November 6, 1852


Letter of recommendation for Peter Still written by E.E. Boudinot, who reports that he has known Still for two years and has employed him for “some months past,” together with an added recommendation by Mary A. Buckman, who notes that Still was in her employ for ten months. This item includes an annotation by Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, Burlington, N.J., November 6, 1852, identifying Boudinot and commenting on his standing within the local community.


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Boudinot, Elias E., 1791-1863, “Boudinot, E.E., letter, Burlington, [N.J.], November 6, 1852,” Peter Still Digital Edition, accessed May 26, 2024,

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