Pickard, Kate, E.R., letter, Camillus, [N.Y.], August 26, 1855, to "Uncle Peter" [Peter Still]


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Aug 26th 1855

Dear Uncle Peter

I am once more at home and think I will delay no longer to write you. I have waited a few days hoping to see Mr May before I wrote you.

The first half of the Narrative is ready for the press. Mr. May is coming out to read it - I have been looking for him every day for more than a week.

Mr Hall of Syracuse will probably publish it. And now about your coming to hear it read. When will it be most convenient for you to come? Mr. Hall will be anxious to get at it as soon as possible, and it is important that there should be no delay. If it were not for your hearing it first, I could let him have the first part soon, and that could be set up. But I have not seen him recently - he will, I expect come with Mr. May in a few

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days, to hear it read; and then I will write you again, and let you know what are his wishes concerning it.

Sister Julia is quite well, as are also our family. Mr Pickard has been quite out of health this summer, but he is now as well as usual. Willie sends his love to Uncle Peter and Aunt Vina, and wishes very much to see them. He says "Mama, what did they go away for?

Lydia has come back. She went home about the last of May, and was to stay three days, but she was gone more than two months. She seems very happy now, but does not talk.

Much love from all of us to dear Aunt Vina, as well as to yourself. [Everybody] I meet inquires about you, and all seem very anxious to see that wonderful book.

I hope your family all continues to do well. Give my best wishes to them, and tell them that they must remember that [everybody] is watching them to see if it pays to buy people out of slavery.

I am anxious to hear from Peter's poor little boy. I do wish Aunt Vina had it in her arms this minute.

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I will write again after I have seen Mr. May & Mr. Hall. I thought you would like to hear how the book is getting on, and so I would wait no longer.

As ever, your friend

Kate E. R. Pickard.



Pickard, Kate, E.R., letter, Camillus, [N.Y.], August 26, 1855, to "Uncle Peter" [Peter Still]


Kate Pickard, now at home, reports to Peter Still that the first half of the book about Still’s experiences is completed, but has not yet been read by Mr. May; notes that “Mr. Hall of Syracuse will probably publish it”; inquires when Still might want to come “to hear it read” (noting that the first part cannot be set until that happens); and relates family news and good wishes.


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Pickard, Kate E. R., “Pickard, Kate, E.R., letter, Camillus, [N.Y.], August 26, 1855, to "Uncle Peter" [Peter Still],” Peter Still Digital Edition, accessed June 22, 2024, https://stillpapers.org/items/show/45.

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